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Benbole has provided short term consultancy support to UK Army collective training events. Also project management and SME support.

Services To Film (formerly Soldier In Blue) is a 100% veteran owned company, providing ex-servicemen and women with short-term employment as supporting artists and/or military advisors in the UK film industry.

To date, the company has provided work for over 1000 veterans, with over 4,500+ individuals registered on our database. We see that the advantages go both ways – Services To Film provides the film industry with a pool of reliable individuals as supporting artists, whilst offering veterans an invaluable source of income as they transition to civilian life.

Services To Film is very proud to have formed a charity partnership with Help for Heroes  and is currently in the process of transitioning into a community interest company. In 2019 we set up the Veterans in Focus programme designed to find longer term employment opportunities for veterans in both film and TV production. We trained 8 new location managers in January 2020 all of whom have found long term engagements in the sector. Veterans In Focus will be delivering a further training course starting in February 2021 for 8 more location managers. We have placed a further 8 veterans in productions a COVID supervisors, co-ordinators and marshals another skills area that lends itself to veteran transition into the sector.

Benbole Management are involved in helping Services to Film develop at the strategic level and assisting the development of a streamlined operational process for the placing and casting of its veteran community.

Benbole provided interim production management  support for Beagle Media,  a ‘state of the art’ independent production company based in London and the south west. Covering the maternity leave for the Head of Production at Beagle, Benbole stepped in to provide seamless cover across multiple roles including production manager, regional office manager and accounts administrator. The roles were both diverse and challenging and included all aspects of budgeting & scheduling for films, the booking of all logistics for a ‘shoot’ and all invoicing & billing for the company.

NBJ  specialises in the manufacture of High Quality Specialist Bespoke Joinery and Cabinetry for Residential and Commercial Projects.

Over the last 5 years NBJ has invested in a new Veneer Plant, new CNC machine and upgraded our machinery to enhance and progress our Production Facility. NBJ value the intelligent use of technical innovation to promote efficiency, accuracy and quality.

NBJ will continue to progress with the development of an additional 8000 sq ft of Assembly and Finishing space in 2017, to be integrated with our existing Factory.

Benbole Management is currently working with NBJ reviewing its project processes from, new business engagement through to the delivered product and a satisfied customer. Particularly with a view to developing systems that allow scalability during forthcoming expansion.

Testimonial:  “NBJ engaged Benbole Management to carry out a comprehensive Operational Review on all our procedures. Our aim was to improve efficiency within our organisation and develop a strategic plan and Continual Improvement Cycle, to build a platform for future expansion and growth.

We were impressed by the way Benbole connected with NBJ and the thoroughness and meticulous attention to detail, which enabled the production of an informative report, with constructive recommendations.

Richard was incredibly enthusiastic and personable. He had the impressive ability to empathise with all levels of staff, from shop floor to Directors, to allow them to open up and discuss with him their perspective, allowing an exclusive insight into the business.

We look forward to working with Benbole in the future to implement recommendations and continue to improve Strategies within NBJ.” The NBJ Team

Perran Bay Care Home

Benbole has recently delivered a full business review of Perran Bay Residential Care Home. This included a look at the structures, team make-up, care processes, strategic way forward and operational efficiencies. We continue to work closely with them.

The home provides first class quality care for the elderly. Perran Bay is situated on the beautiful North coast of Cornwall in the heart of the picturesque seaside town of Perranporth. It was opened more than 50 years ago by a group of thoughtful people who wished to provide a home from home for elderly people.

Testimonial:  “At Perran Bay Care Home we felt that we needed someone to take an independent and  comprehensive look at our business. Benbole was recommended to us and from the initial point of contact until our final report, everything was done to our satisfaction.

Richard came to the home on many occasions and quietly, unobtrusively and with a great deal of skill, achieved the very results that we were looking for. 

The report that we received outlined our problems areas as well as achievements, pointers on how to proceed in the future and most importantly provided us, as volunteer directors, the tools with which to work in the future.

We would heartily recommend Richard Trant and Benbole to any company who requires a health check on their business.” David Hancock, Director (former Chair), Perran Bay Care Home.


Morphus We are a group of volunteer designers, creatives, public servants, teachers and ex-armed service people who are determined to help the development of better recreational opportunities for young people.

We work with youth groups both locally and nationally and consult with local authorities, schools and leisure centres. Our aim is to bring together our experience in product design with the creative input from all these groups to develop practical, sustainable and affordable ideas that can be applied by local authorities, schools and parish councils specifically for their young people. To achieve this, we research new ideas from America and the rest of the world.

We wish to be an open and growing forum for all those who recognise the issues facing adolescents today, and who are willing to help us make a difference. In our quest to develop real, physical, commercially viable solutions to the recreational needs of teenagers we look to also answer the problems facing the bodies that will be funding, installing and maintaining them. The purpose of our research and discussion programme is to inform and guide the development of these solutions.

Benbole Management is delivering project management support to Morphus. imgres-1PR First combines the best of traditional PR skills and tactics with all the potential offered by social and digital media to create tangible, tailored results for our clients.

Testimonial:  “PR First is a home interest, interiors, design, retail and lifestyle PR agency based in London. We place our consumer and trade clients in all the right magazines, newspapers, tv shows, blogs and websites through effective PR and social media campaigns. We love what we do, we’re trusted by journalists and opinion formers, and we’ll get tangible results for your brand.”

“In the last three months, Benbole Management has undertaken a methodical, balanced and collaborative Strategic Review of PR First. Benbole recognised and responded to our expectations and aspirations, providing sensible and useful feedback for developing efficiencies and profitability. Benbole co-ordinated a series of meetings with key stakeholders, gathering information and opinion on existing processes to generate a comprehensive current situation report. From this, a Strategic Plan and an Operational Framework for immediate action were developed. The result is a structured and flexible schedule for prioritisation of work going forward, addressing our initial brief with further valuable insight and strategies being implemented across all aspects of the business.” Cliff Harris, Director PR First

CRC logo new strapline high-res-1

Richard is the Cost Reduction Company’s Partner for the South West. At CRC we align cost reduction with environmental initiatives.

The Cost Reduction Company is changing the face of the traditional ‘cost and purchase management consultancy’. We are a young, inquisitive, and energetic organisation, dedicated to enabling our clients to reduce their consumption, achieving permanent savings yet also improving their carbon footprint.

We pride ourselves on offering a true ‘No Win, No Fee’ analysis of our clients’ business costs and have built a reputation for listening and understanding our clients’ needs, ultimately enabling us to tailor cost-saving opportunities specific to each business.

Testimonial: ‘I would strongly recommend the CRC to any Academy Business Manager with contracts up for renewal. I asked the CRC for support with the renewal of 4 contracts: School Buses, Catering, Cleaning, Waste-Management. The CRC were excellent.‘ Paul Milligan, Business Manager, Altwood Church of England School


GlobalTrading is a leading educational forum (in print, online and tailored executive roundtable face2face events) for all participants of the electronic trading community. We are actively engaged in providing the industry with ‘actionable thought-leadership’ in the provision of insights direct from the industry’s leading stakeholders. These include buy-side commentaries, technical developments, regulator updates, exchange news and pension fund trading analysis. GlobalTrading contributors cover the most important trends and opinions on the industry’s biggest issues.

This publication is thriving. With a circulation at key industry events globally and via subscription to all sectors of the financial services community in excess of 12,000+ quarterly.

Benbole Management’s key outputs for GlobalTrading included the planning, implementation and oversight of procedures and systems to maximise operational efficiency. Strategic planning for content, circulation and readership. Operational oversight of production, distribution and staff with allocation of resources where required. This project is complete.

Testimonial: “Over the past 3 years Benbole Management has provided invaluable operational oversight over the production of the quarterly print edition of GlobalTrading, website maintenance and development, weekly eNewsletter production across 3 regional editions and executive roundtable event management. The outsourced design, print and distribution functions have required careful co-ordination and management to ensure timely, cost-efficient delivery of this industry resource to an exacting global readership. Benbole has employed a methodical, flexible and thorough approach to ensure the geographically dispersed team are fully enabled to perform their specific tasks, be it commissioning content, advertising sales or face2face event provision. Benbole has undoubtably been instrumental in driving the growth of our readership and reputation during this period and we are sad to lose them to Cornish business”.  Edward Mangles, Publisher, GlobalTrading


AZOOK  Community Interest Company is a not-for-profit social enterprise dedicated to growing cultural confidence amongst Cornish communities by connecting people with their cultural heritage.

Benbole’s key outputs were the delivery of projects that span the educational and heritage sectors; developing business, managing volunteers, providing regular funding reports to outside agencies (Heritage Lottery Fund) and working closely with the local council and offering project management across 4 main products serving Cornish schools and the wider community. This project is complete.

Testimonial: “Benbole Management initially came to Azook CIC to project manage a large Heritage Lottery Funded endeavour; namely digitising and incorporating material into a website allowing access to tens of thousands of Cornish images, films and audio recordings. This remit soon expanded into managing all aspects of the company, running a number of projects (educational and heritage), reporting, both internally and externally, providing an ambassadorial role and regularly briefing the board of directors on progress. During this time a number initiatives were designed and proposed to the board for improving the operational delivery of the company; particularly focusing on its future. Efficient, innovative and collaborative – the contribution that Benbole Management brought to Azook CIC was vital to its further development as a key part of the heritage landscape of Cornwall.” Ian Saltern, Azook CIC Director 


n-Coders is a software development and server support company in Cornwall. We create high quality bespoke business applications for a wide range of industry sectors. Our applications are always developed entirely in house using the latest technologies with usability, performance and security in mind. The experience of our professional engineers allows us to efficiently identify the best solutions for our clients.

Its internal development processes, coding standards and review procedures ensure the very highest quality of software. All n-Coders solutions are completely bespoke and created specifically to meet our clients exact needs.

Benbole key outputs included: Business Development, Operational Streamlining and Strategic Development. This project is complete.


Reactive Resins specialise in the development and production of advanced resins and coatings for marine, flooring and industrial applications. By using the latest technology such as ceramic and nano powders of zirconia, titanium and zinc oxides we produce coatings and resin systems with properties that are far superior to conventional systems.

Examples are water based acrylic-urethane coatings with exceptional properties such as excellent adhesion and resistance to abrasion, UV, oil, chemicals, boiling water etc., and epoxy coatings that can be applied to wet substrates in cold humid conditions without the traditional blooming, and some can even cure underwater.

Benbole Management’s key outputs were to design and develop a coherent Business and Marketing Plan; identifying achievable short, medium and long goals. Oversaw a review of the customer base, developing a structured approach to securing a higher share of the market and put in place administrative structures for the better management of company personnel. This project is complete.

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