Global Trading

GlobalTrading is a leading educational forum (in print, online and tailored executive roundtable face2face events) for all participants of the electronic trading community. We are actively engaged in providing the industry with ‘actionable thought-leadership’ in the provision of insights direct from the industry’s leading stakeholders. These include buy-side commentaries, technical developments, regulator updates, exchange news and pension fund trading analysis. GlobalTrading contributors cover the most important trends and opinions on the industry’s biggest issues.

This publication is thriving. With a circulation at key industry events globally and via subscription to all sectors of the financial services community in excess of 12,000+ quarterly.

Benbole Management’s key outputs for GlobalTrading included the planning, implementation and oversight of procedures and systems to maximise operational efficiency. Strategic planning for content, circulation and readership. Operational oversight of production, distribution and staff with allocation of resources where required. This project is complete.

Testimonial: “Over the past 3 years Benbole Management has provided invaluable operational oversight over the production of the quarterly print edition of GlobalTrading, website maintenance and development, weekly eNewsletter production across 3 regional editions and executive roundtable event management. The outsourced design, print and distribution functions have required careful co-ordination and management to ensure timely, cost-efficient delivery of this industry resource to an exacting global readership. Benbole has employed a methodical, flexible and thorough approach to ensure the geographically dispersed team are fully enabled to perform their specific tasks, be it commissioning content, advertising sales or face2face event provision. Benbole has undoubtably been instrumental in driving the growth of our readership and reputation during this period and we are sad to lose them to Cornish business”.  Edward Mangles, Publisher, GlobalTrading