Morphus We are a group of volunteer designers, creatives, public servants, teachers and ex-armed service people who are determined to help the development of better recreational opportunities for young people.

We work with youth groups both locally and nationally and consult with local authorities, schools and leisure centres. Our aim is to bring together our experience in product design with the creative input from all these groups to develop practical, sustainable and affordable ideas that can be applied by local authorities, schools and parish councils specifically for their young people. To achieve this, we research new ideas from America and the rest of the world.

We wish to be an open and growing forum for all those who recognise the issues facing adolescents today, and who are willing to help us make a difference. In our quest to develop real, physical, commercially viable solutions to the recreational needs of teenagers we look to also answer the problems facing the bodies that will be funding, installing and maintaining them. The purpose of our research and discussion programme is to inform and guide the development of these solutions. Benbole Management is delivering project management support to Morphus.