About Us

We are a small company that helps other small companies achieve greater profitability and efficiencies through smart and innovative means; helping to improve processes, systems and teams while maintaining motivation, loyalty and fulfilment.

We are now well into our seventh year of business as Benbole Management offering a full spectrum of skills-based services to businesses across the South West and beyond. This includes strategic development and mentoring for senior management teams, operational streamlining, structural reviews and team-building; project and programme management.  Our current portfolio sees Benbole Management delivering consultancy and hands on management services across a broad spectrum of industry sectors.

Comprising  husband and wife team Richard and Rebecca Trant, Benbole Management seeks to help businesses of all sizes and circumstances harness their strengths within their business and identify areas needing attention. Our aim is to improve their offerings in as efficient and cost-effective a way as possible.

Do check-out the “We Love Cornwall” page which highlights those things that we also are able to enjoy getting involved in.

Dickie Trant - Director

A Founding Director of Benbole Management, Dickie has a wealth of experience in providing strategic planning and delivery, operational, programme and project management, tailoring these to the needs of his clients. He also specialises in advice, mentoring and support across a wide spectrum of disciplines. An inspiring leader of people and director of complex organisations with highly developed interpersonal, negotiation, influencing and diplomacy skills during a first career in the military. He now uses this experience in the commercial world to assist his clients. Dickie is a decision maker with a track record for maximising output while implementing efficiencies; underpinned by a positive ‘can-do’ attitude.

“We set up Benbole Management when we returned home to Cornwall in 2013 after a first career in the military which took us all over the world. Our aspiration has been to bring together our joint experience of strategic planning, mentoring, operational and project management to help businesses regionally and further afield to operate efficiently and realise their full potential. Benbole offers a management service with a personal and direct approach. We named it Benbole after our home from which we operate.” Richard Trant. 


Rebecca Trant - Director

Also a Founding Director of Benbole Management, Rebecca is an experienced project leader and research analyst in the international financial services publishing sector. She is a dedicated, energetic, informed and enthusiastic organiser and planner who has consistently achieved targets under pressure. Rebecca has excellent verbal and written skills rooted in a legal education and publishing and teaching background. Her experience brings to the table in-depth knowledge of business processes combined with excellent people management skills. Rebecca is able to draw on her global business knowledge to help local businesses harness their growth potential and operate as efficiently as possible.

“It is wonderful to be settled in Cornwall and be contributing to the area and communities which have welcomed us so warmly.  It is a privilege to be working with some fabulous people and interesting businesses both locally and beyond, and we look forward to further building out our footprint in the years to come.” Rebecca Trant.