Reactive Resins

Reactive Resins specialise in the development and production of advanced resins and coatings for marine, flooring and industrial applications. By using the latest technology such as ceramic and nano powders of zirconia, titanium and zinc oxides we produce coatings and resin systems with properties that are far superior to conventional systems.

Examples are water based acrylic-urethane coatings with exceptional properties such as excellent adhesion and resistance to abrasion, UV, oil, chemicals, boiling water etc., and epoxy coatings that can be applied to wet substrates in cold humid conditions without the traditional blooming, and some can even cure underwater.

Benbole Management’s key outputs were to design and develop a coherent Business and Marketing Plan; identifying achievable short, medium and long goals. Oversaw a review of the customer base, developing a structured approach to securing a higher share of the market and put in place administrative structures for the better management of company personnel. This project is complete.