Services To Film

Services to Film

Services To Film (formerly Soldier In Blue) is a 100% veteran owned company, providing ex-servicemen and women with short-term employment as supporting artists and/or military advisors in the UK film industry.

To date, the company has provided work for over 1000 veterans, with over 4,500+ individuals registered on our database. We see that the advantages go both ways – Services To Film provides the film industry with a pool of reliable individuals as supporting artists, whilst offering veterans an invaluable source of income as they transition to civilian life.

Services To Film is very proud to have formed a charity partnership with Help for Heroes  and is currently in the process of transitioning into a community interest company. In 2019 we set up the Veterans in Focus programme designed to find longer term employment opportunities for veterans in both film and TV production. We trained 8 new location managers in January 2020 all of whom have found long term engagements in the sector. Veterans In Focus will be delivering a further training course starting in February 2021 for 8 more location managers. We have placed a further 8 veterans in productions a COVID supervisors, co-ordinators and marshals another skills area that lends itself to veteran transition into the sector.

Benbole Management are involved in helping Services to Film develop at the strategic level and assisting the development of a streamlined operational process for the placing and casting of its veteran community.