NBJ  specialises in the manufacture of High Quality Specialist Bespoke Joinery and Cabinetry for Residential and Commercial Projects.

Over the last 5 years NBJ has invested in a new Veneer Plant, new CNC machine and upgraded our machinery to enhance and progress our Production Facility. NBJ value the intelligent use of technical innovation to promote efficiency, accuracy and quality.

NBJ will continue to progress with the development of an additional 8000 sq ft of Assembly and Finishing space in 2017, to be integrated with our existing Factory.

Benbole Management is currently working with NBJ reviewing its project processes from, new business engagement through to the delivered product and a satisfied customer. Particularly with a view to developing systems that allow scalability during forthcoming expansion.

Testimonial:  “NBJ engaged Benbole Management to carry out a comprehensive Operational Review on all our procedures. Our aim was to improve efficiency within our organisation and develop a strategic plan and Continual Improvement Cycle, to build a platform for future expansion and growth.

We were impressed by the way Benbole connected with NBJ and the thoroughness and meticulous attention to detail, which enabled the production of an informative report, with constructive recommendations.

Richard was incredibly enthusiastic and personable. He had the impressive ability to empathise with all levels of staff, from shop floor to Directors, to allow them to open up and discuss with him their perspective, allowing an exclusive insight into the business.We look forward to working with Benbole in the future to implement recommendations and continue to improve Strategies within NBJ.”The NBJ Team