AZOOK  Community Interest Company is a not-for-profit social enterprise dedicated to growing cultural confidence amongst Cornish communities by connecting people with their cultural heritage.

Benbole’s key outputs were the delivery of projects that span the educational and heritage sectors; developing business, managing volunteers, providing regular funding reports to outside agencies (Heritage Lottery Fund) and working closely with the local council and offering project management across 4 main products serving Cornish schools and the wider community. This project is complete.

Testimonial: “Benbole Management initially came to Azook CIC to project manage a large Heritage Lottery Funded endeavour; namely digitising and incorporating material into a website allowing access to tens of thousands of Cornish images, films and audio recordings. This remit soon expanded into managing all aspects of the company, running a number of projects (educational and heritage), reporting, both internally and externally, providing an ambassadorial role and regularly briefing the board of directors on progress. During this time a number initiatives were designed and proposed to the board for improving the operational delivery of the company; particularly focusing on its future. Efficient, innovative and collaborative – the contribution that Benbole Management brought to Azook CIC was vital to its further development as a key part of the heritage landscape of Cornwall.” Ian Saltern, Azook CIC Director