Consultancy Support to HM Publishing in 2014/15

We are celebrating our first eighteen months of support to HM Publishing an Hong Kong based publishing house. HM Publishing produces quarterly journals for the financial services sector in 3 regional (Americas, EMEA and APAC) editions covering issues and topics across all asset classes. The content relates to electronic trading best practice and technological development as the industry faces severe penalties, legal action and regulation in equal measure. The publication aims to access copy, commentary and observation from the industry’s leading decision makers through educational thought-leadership content.

Benbole Management plays a key role in delivering these goals by remotely managing the distributed team from around the world, namely Hong Kong, Chicago and London; all co-ordinated from Lostwithiel, Cornwall. Communication is key and achieved through regular channels such as email, Skype, What’s App, and the telephone in timely fashion. Timezones can be as challenging as beneficial allowing work to flow across regions through a 24 hour working day.

Quarter 2 2014: Will My Next Trader Sit In A Data Centre?

Quarter 2 2014:Will My Next Trader Sit In A Data Centre

Content is also driven through the hosting of round table and face2face events and webinars lead by the GlobalTrading team. These offer virtual and real time forums for thought leaders to gather and discuss ideas and solutions facing the industry in an inclusive yet unattributable way.

Every month a new focus

Every quarter a new Head of Trading

Benbole Management has been integral to the operational delivery of this venture; using our experience of managing a distributed team, finding innovative business development opportunities and streamlining processes.