Remote Management – The Tools

Some thoughts on Remote Management. Benbole Management supports a small editorial team based in Hong Kong while living in the UK. The nature of the team’s output is by necessity a global one; the team delivers a quarterly journal and on-line content world wide. This content provides an educational service to the financial industry which specifically deals with electronic trading protocols. However, for the purposes of this post the nature of the team’s output is only relevant in passing; it is the method of steering and managing the team that is interesting. Management in many instances is inherently a people function where the manager is striving, with the team, to achieve a number of objectives. This is no less so in this instance and good relationships between team members is essential; the relationship between the manager and team members has required constant effort due to the constraint of remote management both in terms of geographical spread and time zones. Nonetheless, the in-place systems work and works well. It is interesting that the team will soon have a member in the US.

Four key areas have proved to be the pillars of success: Remote Management Communications Techniques and Systems; Using Technology to Focus Effort; Tasking the Team; Planning and Face to Face Meetings.

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